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Technology exists today in various forms to produce energy from biomass sources. At present, insufficient infrastructure and lack of technology to collect and process agro based raw material in a sustainable way is preventing from unlocking the value of these biomass sources in India.


Power requirements in rural India can be made independent off-the-grid by self generation of clean energy through decentralized power generation in micro scale range (KW) at village/community level. Biomass plays an important role owing to its availability in rural areas.


Fuel supply chain being the critical success factor, continuous sourcing of fuel through sustainable agro waste collection and raising short rotation energy plantation/crops enables employment, income opportunities and also contribute domestic energy security for rural India.


India has an estimated potential of over 30,000 MW of power from biomass (agro based), but less than 2500 MW has been exploited while 90% of the potential capacity is yet to be realized. Among the various biomass power production technologies, combustion and gasification are the two primary routes being used today.


Further, biomass can be converted into valuable bio-pellets for industrial and cooking purposes which is a huge untapped market. India presents tremendous opportunity for manufacturing and marketing the pellets.


We focus on providing best in class solutions for all the above. The potential is unlimited.


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